Content is king

You have probably heard that sentence before, but what does it actually mean?

When searching for information on how to create content for your website you will find advice like: prepare comprehensive and well-written content, use a good document structure, don’t forget about headings, and so on.

This is of course true, but the most important thing is the user’s intention. You need to understand what your potential visitors are really searching for and deliver just that. It is just that simple yet so difficult at the same time. When a user is looking for a haircut in their area, he or she does not want to visit a page about the history of hairdressing in the 18th century.

Before you sit down at your keyboard, start with an analysis. Check what your competition’s doing, and make sure what type of data the search engine returns for the selected phrases: sales or information. Then follow this path and prepare content in which the user will find exactly what he or she expects.

Look before you leap

Which pizzeria owner would not like to appear in the search engine for the word pizza? Few realize, however, that achieving this will probably not translate into its sales in any way, and it will require large expenditure.

However, if they appeared under the phrase `”`, the best Neapolitan pizza in Bristol`”`, it would sooner affect their income.

We must also remember that we may never be able to appear high on highly competitive phrases. In many cases, it is much better to use the long tail strategy and stick with topics with fewer searchers, but without much competition. It is better to be in the first position for a phrase searched by 100 people monthly than on the fifth page for a popular phrase, where nobody ever looks.

Where to look for potential phrases? There are many free and paid tools on the market. Ahrefs, Semrush, SurferSeo, just to name a few.

Share your knowledge

Do you run an accounting office and are you a specialist in your field? Or maybe a mountain clothing store? Share your experience with others! You can prepare guides, manuals, and comparisons of services and equipment.

Thanks to this, you will gain visitors who may become your customers in the future, and additionally, you have the chance to link from other websites.

Be natural though. How-to articles should not be advertising brochures and should be better than materials already existing on the web. Otherwise, readers will sense the falsehood and will quickly run away.

Because speed matters

The world is rushing forward. Would you believe that most users browse the web only from their mobile phones? Mobile devices are getting faster, but they still don’t match desktop computers. And guess what, Google ranks a page’s content and quality based on how they perform on mobile!

That’s why page performance matters! You have to be sure that your website is running just as fast on every possible device!

Off-Page Optimization

In the previous sections, we mentioned on-page techniques that you can improve yourself as a website owner. However, we cannot forget about off-page optimization, which is no less important.

But what exactly is off-page optimization? They are simply links that lead to your site from other places on the web. Getting links is one of the most difficult challenges when working on improving your website’s position in the search engine. The process is called link building.

First, according to Google’s policy, you cannot pay for links. Moreover, links from multiple sites, such as comment sections or social networks, do not pass link juice (in short: don’t help you with your search engine visibility).

So how can you get links? In many ways. If you write a useful guide, others can share it. Have you prepared great promotions for Black Friday? Great, now create a separate page with all discounted items for others to share!

Another technique is to create an engaging infographic that other creators can use on their own and provide the source. (Note! You can never demand this from them!)

In conclusion, you are only limited by your creativity!