You’ve got this great idea for a software product, you’ve done the research and received positive feedback. You’re feeling excited.

So what’s next?

The next step is finding someone to build it for you. Easy, right?

Unless you’ve got previous experience working with software developers, getting started can be a real challenge.

You can go somewhere like Upwork and find a developer who will give you a low hourly rate with all the promises that they can do the job for you. In the real world, and speaking from experience, this is rarely the case. Normally one of two things happens:

  1. They build you a product full of bugs and constantly talk about additional work and, you guessed it, more money.
  2. They never really get anything finished. It’s just a never-ending nightmare. You hand it over to another “expert” and the process repeats itself.

Having an idea and a slide deck to present to the developer isn’t sufficient, it leads to assumptions, mistakes, and disappointment.

In an ideal world, you need wireframes, functional specs, and a scope of work for you. Staying in the real world, most people with a great idea for a software product won’t have done this.

How do we fit in?

We follow a process. We get the idea from you and establish what your expectations are and how the product should work.

We create wireframes, functional specs and include them in the scope of works. Nothing gets started until you’ve agreed it’s exactly what you want.

No nasty surprises, no need to “find” extra cash, and hopefully the start of something great.