Some things you might want to know

What is your day rate?

It depends on what’s needed and the complexity of the project, but our day rate starts at £350 + VAT.

Do you give fixed prices per project?

Yes, that’s no problem. We’re happy to give a fixed price along with a commitment to timeframes too. If you need ongoing support we can price for that separately in line with what you need.

Do you have project management?

Yes. Every project is assigned a digital project manager who keeps everything on track and regularly updates you on the progress. We manage all our projects in Basecamp, but we’re also happy to use your chosen project management tool.

Do you offer UI and UX design?

Yes, we work with a talented team of UX and UI designers who design for simplicity and ease of use.

Do you organise hosting and server support too?

We can do via our DevOps service.

The level of hosting and support required will depend on the project (a PoC or early stage product don’t generally require a lot of server space).

What is quickest to build, a minimum viable product (MVP) or a proof of concept (PoC)?

Generally speaking, it will be a PoC because it is a simple build designed to validate or invalidate assumptions about your target users and software concept.

A realistic timeline for most MVP development is between 3 and 5 weeks, but we would suggest that a different approach to an MVP is taken with it instead being the actual product version 1.0.

Here’s a great article that gives a great explanation

What sort of software and web development do you do?

1. Software as a Service (SaaS) products

2. WordPress website & plugins

3. Integrations between software products

4. E-commerce websites

5. Mobile applications

6. Web platforms and applications

Where are you based?

The UK. Our main development team is in the UK with a smaller one in Poland. All account management and project management are UK-based.

Are you happy to sign an NDA?

Yes, we would always recommend an NDA be signed to protect both parties.