What are they talking about we hear absolutely no one ask?

On the off chance somebody (yes you) wants to know, as dull as it may sound to some, we’re talking about our favourite project management tool.

Over the years, we’ve used a few of them, some are better than others but what we find with nearly all of them is that they are too complicated for what we actually need. We started with the best intentions to use them, but somewhere along the line, they got neglected, rendering them pretty useless.

What we like about Basecamp is it’s simple to use and it works how we expect it to.

It’s not bulging with loads of unnecessary features (let’s face it, we don’t need most of them). If you’re a lover of Gantt charts, it might not be for you, but the lineups feature, in our opinion, is way easier to follow than a Gantt chart with all of their tasks, colours, milestones, and more that are regularly out of date.

NOTE TO GANTT CHART LOVERS – there is a plugin to Ganttify to satisfy your desires.

The pricing model doesn’t confuse either, there are only 2 options:

  1. Pay per user – great for start-ups and smaller teams
  2. Pay a monthly licence for unlimited users – great for larger teams

It’s got built-in communications tools, file storage and more that make it easy to manage the complete project.

Like all pieces of management software, it’s only as good as the information that goes in. It’s down to you to keep it up to date and it makes that a doddle too.

Why are we writing this?

Because it changed the way we manage client and internal projects and made it easy for us to stay on top of them. I used to think the best tool was the one with the most features. Now I know that the best tool is the one with the features that I will use.

We’ll tie this in with software development as we see it.

Create something that the people who you want to work with will love, you’ll never be all things to all people.