Custom web and mobile app development

Software development, web development and support for small businesses and agencies

I need a web developer! Where do I start?

Finding a decent, reliable web developer is a tough task. Does the phrase “over promising and under delivering” ring any bells?

Our current software doesn’t cut it. How can you help?

Your current software might have been a game changer a while back, but every dog has its day and maybe it’s time for an update.

I’m fed up with being let down by developers. Why you?

Over promising and under delivering ring any bells? Dreamland is great but clear and realistic deadlines are much better for the mind and business.

Who We Are

We’re a team of developers, project managers and digital geeks with over 15 years of experience developing web and mobile applications for companies of all shapes and sizes such as:

If you prefer straight talk rather than developer jargon, you’re in the right place. Creating software that makes your business better is what we’re all about, not blinding you with science.

Do you want to sell more?

Would you like your business to run more efficiently and increase productivity?

Ok, we can’t wave a magic wand and “abracadabra” magic you more sales or a more productive business. We can work with you to develop digital solutions that will make your business better.

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a new product and need to test the water and get some investment. Maybe you need help with an ongoing project that’s gone off the rails.

Custom Software Development

Typically, we build digital solutions to help fix at least one of the following issues:

  1. Manual, time-consuming internal business processes
  2. Lack of sales or a slow sales cycle
  3. Legacy software systems and third-party providers such as CRM and marketing automation that don’t talk to each other leaving missed business opportunities

Proof of Concept

You’ve got the idea, the initial feedback has got you bursting with excitement and you’re ready to roll.

What next?

How about testing the water first with a proof of concept?

It’s a cost-effective and quick way of helping you make the right decision and getting the initial traction.

Maintenance & Project Rescue

Do you have an ongoing software development project that’s lost its way?

You might have experienced a high turnover of developers, scope creep, poor quality work or overly optimistic developers that consistently promise a Rolls Royce and deliver an Austin Allegro (look it up!).

It can be a daunting task getting a project back on track if you’ve constantly been left with a bitter taste in your mouth. A case of once bitten twice shy.

A fresh set of eyes (and ears) and realistic expectations could be what you need.

Some of the technologies we work with

For the more tech-savvy amongst you, here are some of the technologies we have worked with.

Ready to get started?

Whether it's a new piece of software to streamline your business, adding new functionality to an existing website or app, or just needing some initial advice, we're here to help.

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